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Teral Coolant Pump VKN095A-4Z is a self priming floor flow type of pump used to recirculate a coolant, generally a liquid that is used to transfer heat away from an engine or other device that generates heat as a by product of producing energy. The motor and the pump are integrated into one where it is smaller size and lighter weight. It can be easily installed in confined area and enhance protection against mist and other environmental elements with a standard efficiency (IE1) motor. This pump is highly efficient due to there is no leak due to the implementation of mechanical sealing. Teral Coolant Pump VKN095A-4Z mainly used with grinding liquid, cutting liquid and it is not easily disturbed by chips with the liquid that is less than 40°C with no frozen liquid with a suitable viscosity of the liquid. This coolant pump is designed to use for cutting oil, do not use water and special fluid such as printing fluid, acid fluid and etc.
Brand : Teral
Type : Coolant Pump Self Priming Floor Type
Model : VKN095A-4Z
Output (W) : 400
Rated Voltage (V) : 380/400/415
Rated Current (A) : 1.2/1.2/1.2
Discharge Current (A) : 5.2/5.5/5.7
Frequency (Hz) : 50
Speed (rpm) : 2870/2880/2890
Total Head (m) : 5
Max. Length of Suction Pipe (m) : 0.7
Delivery Quantity (L/min) : 140
Max Liquid Viscosity (mm²/s) : 200
Inlet / Outlet Bore (PS) : 1
Phase : 3
Finished Paint : Munsell N1
Standard : IEC60034-1 CE Approved
Insulation Class : B
IP No : IP54
Dimension (mm) : 180(L) x 296(H) x 216(W)
Weight (kg) : 14
A floor, single stage and non-self priming type with Resin or CAC407 impeller, SPCC terminal box, SPHC end cover and FC150 discharge material.
Structured with a carbon/ceramics mechanical seal with the motor and the pump section are integrated and cast iron is used in the pump’s main unit.
Support with the RoHS Directive environmental load 6 substances and European standards.
EU Directives(CE marking) and IEC standard compatible terminal box.
Structured to prevent air from being sucked into pump in case of liquid level drop.
Upgraded with environmental resistance(mist,etc.) and the international protection class is IP54.
Oil sealing is provides on the motor section and wide strainer increases suction area.
Inverter enables energy-saving operation by regulating the flow rate.
Suitable for most type of tanks.

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